Advent In August?

I know, I know.. Advent Ideas in August? I came across THIS cute ladies site and she had some ideas to do for a super Saturday. I just thought it would be fun to get ahead of Christmas Crafts this year, plus we're not really doing anything crafty this super Saturday in our ward, so I thought I'd have my own fun day.
I think I like the muffin tin idea the best (Bottom pic) because you can put little trinkets and notes inside for kids to open daily. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom and dad would buy those chocolate advent calendars from school fundraisers. We would take turns opening it and eating the chocolate. 2 years ago my mom gave our little family a new advent wall hanging that has pockets. She is so thoughtful and put little notes, or presents in the pockets daily. Such as money to buy to take the kids out for an ice cream, ideas to do with the kids, little love notes, etc. My kids were so excited to see what Grandma had put in the pockets for that day.

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megan said...

So glad you found my blog I love yours too super crafty. Would love for you to post my pictures. Thanks for your interest.

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