Been A Little Busy!

Sorry for not posting much these past few weeks! I've been so busy preparing for craft fairs and bazaars, that I haven't had much time for anything else. My November is pretty much booked between Super Saturday's and the craft fairs, so I'm not sure how much I'll be posting. But I'll try and come up with a few fun things to blog about between now and then! Thanks for looking!

New Computer

Just got a new computer, I'll be posting shortly. Thanks for your patience!

More Halloween Decor

Homemade Sweet Pea Costume

I made this for my daughter when she was a baby. Her nick name was "Princess Pea". We thought that it would make a cute costume. Way back when (7 years ago) I had a hard time finding any cute pea costumes so I decided to make one.

(I'm sure you can figure this out just by looking at it)
I just took a pair of "Carters" pajamas and undid the embroidered decal of the dinosaur on the front. Then I sewed the little "Peas" and stuffed them with batting, then sewed them to the pajamas. Next, I glued a piece of plastic Ivy to make it look like a pea vine. Then I just made the hat to match, and I added a little plastic Ivy to that.


Wooden Halloween Pumpkins

Craft Paints
Foam Brush
Vinyl Lettering (or black construction paper)
Antiquing Ink

Clear finishing spray
Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge

DOWNLOAD Punkinhead Font HERE
  • Cut the wood into a 5 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 1 1/4" square. Sand the wood using a hand sander or sand paper. Dust off the wood. Paint the wood your desired color (I used 3 different orange variations). My blocks needed two coats of paint. Let dry.
  • Download and install the free Punkinhead font. Using your vinyl plotter cut out desired pumpkin faces making sure to fit the correct wood dimensions. If you don't have a vinyl plotter, cut out shapes on black construction paper.
  • Once your wood block is dry sand the edges and add antiquing ink. You can choose to spray with a shiny or matte finish clear spray. Let dry.
  • Once the wood is completely dry, add your vinyl (or paper).You can finish the block by adding a ribbon, tulle, or cut out a wooden stem and glue to the top.

*Add scrapbooking paper to the wood using mod podge.
*Add glitter to your project for a sparkle you will LOVE!

*Please remember to ask if you want to use my posts! It's much appreciated. I'd love to see what you've done with yours.