Homemade Sweet Pea Costume

I made this for my daughter when she was a baby. Her nick name was "Princess Pea". We thought that it would make a cute costume. Way back when (7 years ago) I had a hard time finding any cute pea costumes so I decided to make one.

(I'm sure you can figure this out just by looking at it)
I just took a pair of "Carters" pajamas and undid the embroidered decal of the dinosaur on the front. Then I sewed the little "Peas" and stuffed them with batting, then sewed them to the pajamas. Next, I glued a piece of plastic Ivy to make it look like a pea vine. Then I just made the hat to match, and I added a little plastic Ivy to that.

2 Amazing Friends Said...:

Jenglamgirl said...

VERY SWEET! good job!

KY said...

This is so adorable =) It definitely needs to be shown off, has it gotten any wear from other babies in the family?



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