How to make korker bows

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Sweet baby bowtique has shared the instructions on how to make a korker bow (headband not included). Enjoy!

I'm Leavin' On A Jet Plane!

I will be gone on vacation until the 7th of August. Check back later!
(Enjoy looking at the links until then!)

Boondoggle Mania

My son Hunter has recently fallen in love with the arts and crafts part of scouts. He recently learned how tie knots of all kinds. I saw that he enjoyed the knot tying so much, I thought he might be interested in learning how to use boondoggle. I laugh because when I think of boondoggle I think of Napoleon Dynamite. Yes...I am a big nerd. And I am teaching my son how to be a big nerd too! I found THE BOONDOGGLE MANS website and I desided to teach Hunter the basic square knot. He learned how to do it in no time! He had a finished keychain within the hour! Have fun with this little blast from the past, and be a kid again! Enjoy!

Hanging Doorstop

Another Martha Stewart Idea
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A good doorstop is always on hand, but doesn't get underfoot when it's not in use -- like this simple wedge, which hangs from a doorknob: Have a wooden wedge cut at a lumber store to measure 7 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 2 inches high at its highest end. Drill a hole through the thick end using a 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch drill bit. Sand with fine-grain sandpaper. Stain or whitewash; don't use paint, which will chip. Cut a piece of grosgrain ribbon long enough to go through the hole and over the knob, and tie.
Erika's Tip: Make a door stop for a child's room using color coordinated ribbon

Vellum Centerpieces

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What a creative idea! I need to find a reason to make these! You can find the instructions on the MARTHA STEWART website. Personally I would just make these by buying 3 picture frames from walmart ( you can find 5 x 7 picture frames for around $3). then I would tone the picture sepia in photoshop, and print the picture out on vellum, then tape the vellum to the picture frame. Tape the picture frames together on the inside. Add a small votive candle in the middle

Cookie Cutter Candle Centerpiece

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I thought this would be a cute center piece for a 4th of July gathering. I found the idea on

MARTHA STEWART. You will find the directions on her website.

How To Smooth A Table Cloth

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On Martha Stewarts Site she tells us how to smooth a table cloth.

Pillow Case Purse

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On Martha Stewarts website, I found this fun pillow case purse tutorial. I've gotta try it!

Inspire Me Crafts Photo Block Puzzle

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Tyanne Roberts over at inspire me crafts has a tutorial for her Oh-so Crafty Photo block puzzle.
You can actually make 6 different photo puzzles in one! Tyanne is always so crafty, so check out her fun site! If you do this project, please share your results!

Atomic Cupcake $1.50 Digi kits for sale

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Atomic Cupcake has pages of $1.50 kits for sale before they are retired, catch one
before they're gone!