4th Of July Traditions?

I am interested in hearing about your 4th of July traditions. Do you do something unique besides fireworks, parades, and BBQ's? Please do share!!

1-My friend Gina's family celebrates the 4th by having a Ice Cream bash for breakfast. (Ohhh... I want to be in her family!)

2-My Sister In Law Marci's family goes out to the desert to go shoot rockets.....(those Harmans get to do everything fun...never a dull moment in her family!)

3-We would go to my mom & dad's (when we lived in Utah) and have a BIG breakfast at their beautiful home in Heber.

What's your tradition?

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Anonymous said...

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JAEAEAJ said...

We like to go to Moroni for the parade, hang out at palisades with friends/family for the day and go to Manti, UT for fireworks, it is small, but cozy.

Love your blog! Keep up the good work

Rainy Day Farm said...

We always go to my husband's grandmothers cabin. We swim, eat and blow off a TONS of fireworks. All the boys love it!

Jadi said...

Hi Erika,

I also nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award!
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