Host a recipe club

In nearly every ward I've lived in we were fortunate to have a recipe club. Some more often then others...but still it always gave me something to look forward to. Food, Friends, Fun...who could ask for more?
1-) Start with a host
2-) Let the host determine the food theme (BBQ, DESSERTS, Salads, Mexican, etc.)
You can get really creative here!
3-) The host will send an invite to guests
Remind guests to bring a copy of he recipe of the dish for each guest...or have a designated "Recipe Collector" who can gather the recipe, type, and distribute recipes.
4-)Usually the host is in charge of any decorations, drinks, and paper products (plates, utensils, cups etc).
Have Fun!!
I think I must have a SERIOUS food addiction because of how excited I am when it comes time to recipe club. I get overly excited to see the different recipes the girls bring. So many times I feel we cook the same things over and over, or use the same ingredients. So this lets me venture out into other food possibilities. Yum!

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What a great idea!

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