Eye Spy Ornaments

1 large clear glass ornament
25 small trinkets (preferably Christmas related)
List of trinkets
Fill your ornament with small trinkets and rice. Put the topper/lid back on the ornament. Attach the trinket list with ribbon.
Update: Jill had a great suggestion to use the clear stuffing pellets
(the kind you stuff dolls, etc. with)

5 Amazing Friends Said...:

tough jelly said...

This is such a cute ornament. Thanks for your post I love this one!

tough jelly said...

I love this ornament. Thanks for the great post!

jill said...

I found using the small white plastic balls used for stuffing dolls and other crafts works even better than rice. Looks nicer also and doesn't smell like the rice can. Just an idea!

Cara said...

These look so fun! My girls would LOVE these!!

Rhonda said...

Those are adorable ornaments! I will have to do this! Thanks for sharing!

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