Calling All Little Girls Hair Styles!

I know this isn't the best example of a "cute" little girls hairstyle, that's why I need YOUR help! I need your input. I would like to see the creative hairstyles you do for your little tot! Whether a baby, toddler, or little girl, I need Picts, & tutorials of them all. Please help!Please email them to me and I will post the picts. of the creative hairstyle you sent! Email me at(
*This will be a work in progress and will not happen in one day, so feel free to send them whenever!

3 Amazing Friends Said...:

Kelli and John said...

Hey Erika, I'm working on it!!!

Jadi said...


I found this site. It has some really cute hair styles for little girls. Here is the link-

Christian and Heather said...

I have enough girls! I will try to get some pics of the creative hair styles I try!! Not always good- just creative lol

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