A Few Hairstyles..Nothing Fancy

Curly Pony Tail

Part hair to the side. Comb the hair to the back to pull into a ponytail. Use hot curlers and leave in place for about 15 minutes. Take out curlers and add a ribbon!

French Braid

Here is a link to a YouTube Video in case you don't know how to French Braid:


I learned how to french braid when I was little. I LOVED to do my sisters long hair. I still love to do my daughters hair, but as you can tell by the look on her face...she doesn't love it so much!

Quick Braid

Part the hair on the side. Pull both sides of the hair to the back. Do a braid..EASY!

Stick Strait Hair

I styled her hair using a Chi (or a flat iron). Addi's hair will dry naturally strait, but when I use the chi it gives it a lot of shine.

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Jadi said...

Thanks for sharing the cute ideas! Kaylee asked me if I would do her hair like Addi's. I have never been able to figure out french braids. Maybe I will finally be able to figure it out with the You Tube tutorial. Thanks for sharing!!!

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