Cereal Box Magazine Holders

I came across THIS amazing website the other day. Tyanne is so creative! She is one of those "Crafty people" that I was talking about. Where do they come up with this stuff? Amazing! She used empty cereal and Popsicle boxes, cut them in half, and glued scrapbooking paper on it. It is so stylish, yet so practical. I was just telling Mike I needed to buy me some magazine holders, but I guess this solved my dilemma! You can visit Tyanne's website at http://www.inspiremecrafts.com/

(I asked permission to post some of her things, and she promptly replied that I couldso nice!, All I ask is that you check out her site! I'm sure this isn't the last thing I'm posting from her.)

2 Amazing Friends Said...:

Jadi said...

Thank you for sharing the link to this site! I have found a few projects I am going to have to do!

Youngfamily said...

Cute stuff! Those are so expensive and I had never thought about making my own. Thanks for sharing.

Question: How do you get these cute blog backgrounds and headers?

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