DIY Fall Tile Board

Hopefully you're all ready for fall! Here's a fun little DIY fall project.

30" x 6" pre-cut board *Optional: 1" allowable routed edge

Spray paint (we used "Espresso" satin finish made by Rust-oleum Painters Touch from Home Depot)

6 4 x 4 white tiles

Mod Podge (deco-podge)

Sponge brush

60 Grit Sandpaper

Optional: Brayer (small roller used for wallpapering)

Industrial Strength Glue (E6000, works well and can be found at hardware or craft stores)

(2) white cardstock

1.) Cut, route, sand, and dust a 30" x 6" board. Paint the board your desired color. Let dry overnight.
2.) If you get glossy tile, lightly sand it to take a little of the finish off. Your paper will adhere better.
3.) Download and print the decals and FALL letters onto white cardstock. Cut out each letter and decal. An actual size of a 4 x 4 tile is 4.25 x 4.25 and each letter and decal I made is a 4 x 4, so it won't fill the tile. Apply a thin coat of Mod podge. Brush it evenly in one direction. With clean hands, carefully center the paper on the tile. It doesn't dry immediately, so you have a little time to adjust accordingly. Position your photo and press down firmly. Use the brayer (mini roller) to smooth out the photo and remove any bubbles, or lightly press until all bubbles are removed. Let it dry for about 30 minutes.
4.) Spread an even thin layer of Mod podge on top of the tile (over the picture). Brush it all in one direction. Wait about 15 minutes to dry. Brush a second coat of Mod Podge. Let it dry for a few hours.
5.) Lay your tiles across the wood board before gluing them down. Space accordingly. Take the tile one at a time and spread glue across the back of the tile. Press the tile to the board in the desired spot.
6.)Let dry over night


who is the designer of this amazing digital scrapbooking kit that was used
to make the tile board. She was kind enough to give us the right to use and share the FALL words and decals with YOU!
Please visit her Blog and tell her THANK YOU:
then please visit her shop at
If you would like to purchase the full spookable kit click on the link below

5 Amazing Friends Said...:

The Marchants said...

You are such a crafty girl. Thanks so much for sharing the instructions. This will be one I try!

leaca said...

I seen this on the tip junkie. Cool stuff. Did you get the disc yet? I still have yet to use the lens. =)

The Guymons Gossip said...
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The Molino Family said...

thanks for sharing this with us other crafters out there! I love it!

The Guymons Gossip said...

Molino Fam-
I'm so happy to share!!!
Thank you for your kind words!

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