Three're out!

I'd like to apologize for this turning into a techie blog, instead of a craft blog, but I just get so excited and want to share all that I am learning with you. And if I can help at least one person, it makes it all worth it!

Would you like to learn how to do this?

Cross off things in your post such as:
1.Do Laundry
2. Clean toilets
3. Make Valentines
4. Eat Chocolate

Believe it or not, it's easy. When writing a post instead of writing in the "COMPOSE" tab, click on Edit HTML. Then follow the directions below. Let me know if you need any help.

(just ignore that I spelled toilets wrong above, I'm not going back to fix it either!)

4 Amazing Friends Said...:

Rhonda said...

Thanks for sharing! I wondered how when I would see that on someone's blog...Thanks again! :o)

Amy said...

I was wondering how you do that. Thanks!

Tara said...

THANK YOU! I kept seeing this on other blogs....and I was SO SAD that I was clueless on how to do that! You rock!

Rachel said...

That is a fun trick to do, I did it in one of my blog posts and it was funny! But seriously, how do you do it? You do EVERYTHING!! Is your town just micro small and so you do all these hobbies? I am amazed at your talents and energy, holy moly!!! :) You rock!

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