Super Saturday Is Officially Over! Whew!

Somehow I find myself helping out with Super Saturday every year (hence the real name of my blog..."Everyday is a super Saturday". Sometimes I'm roped into it, sometimes I can't help but Volunteer. So here we are another year, another Super Saturday.

Here are some of the crafts we did this year. (Hopefully after things slow down with my Holiday craft fairs, I will post some tuts!)

(For those of you who don't know what a super Saturday is, It's a day when our church members get together to have a big crafting day. Cheap projects = Fabulous Christmas Presents!)

A great day had by all!

Bottle Cap Magnets
Holiday Vinyl Lettering Signs


I am a child of God Vinyl Lettering Signs

Families Are Forever Vinyl Lettering Signs

Mini Magnet Boards/Recipe Card Holders

Christmas Card Tree

Eye Spy Bags

Hot/Cold Rice Bags

Altered Glass Plates

6 Amazing Friends Said...:

Jenglamgirl said...

Love the Christmas card/ picture tree! OK' why have I never been to a super SAT. I need to go to one, to fun! lOVE THE I am a Child of God signs too!

Anonymous said...

OK! I WISH My Ward did amazing stuff like this!!! Can U post Directions to the Bottle caps and to the christmas tree card holder?!!LOVE THEM!!!

Jocelyn said...

I just started following your blog. I love it! I'd love tutorials too! I need some cheap adorable Christmas gifts! I also love the I am a child of God. I'd love to make those for baby gifts!

jenjen said...

That is a great feeling! We had ours on Saturday too -- I came home and took a nap when it was all over. We did some of the same projects. It is a lot of fun but a lot of work too!

So glad it went well!


Allison said...

I wish I were in your ward! Supre cute ideas. Love them all!!

bbray said...

I'm in Young Womens and we made the pebble magnets with the values. Now I need a magnetic board. Would love instructions for yours! Also love the bottle caps. Way cute. And the pillow is adorable. Love the tree too. Wish I was in your ward . . . Please do tutorials for us non-creative folks!

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