Todays Topic....Disney World!

Since I am so far removed from you lower 48 people (yes, that's what us Alaskan's call you !) I thought I'd ask a few of you fellow bloggers some advice about Disney World.

Our 12th year wedding anniversary is coming up and I thought it would be fun to go to Disneyworld since Disneyland is where we went on our honeymoon. My husband and I are going on a cruise in January and will be near Disney World. Since we live half way around the world, we figured we might as well go while we are there.

So my question there such a thing as a good deal on Disney World tickets?
I am looking for any advice on where to find good deals on tickets and hotels near Disney world. We will be there in the middle of January.

I have a very guilty conscience about going and spending lots of money, so if I find a good deal then maybe I won't feel so bad! (I'm justifying this...can you tell?).

Can you help with any advice or tips?

(Mike and I on our honeymoon at Disneyland nearly 12 years ago....ohhhh...we look so young!
And yes...overalls WERE cool during that time! )

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Christy said...

Good luck! We were planning on going there with our family of 4 in the middle of Jan. but changed our minds once we realized HOW EXPENSIVE the tickets were going to be! However, since you're going to be down there already---you may as well go for it. We found it most cost effective to purchase our plane and hotel together as a package on Priceline. It's hard to find discount WDW tickets, though. Some local hotels have them and you might be able to find a good deal on eBay (but make sure you check the expiration dates).

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

Hi there, I know you can buy park hopper tix on ebay (my mom has done this several times). Also, it's best (IMO) to stay at a hotel on the disney property. The themed ones, sports, music, movies, etc. that way you get free shuttles to & from, also you can request a special tag for your luggage. That tag means someone else picks up your luggage from the airport (no waiting for you) and when you arrive at the hotel your luggage will already be in your room. My mom & aunt go to disney world at least twice a year, usually 3 or 4 times, if you are interested in some of their tips email me and I'll put you in contact with them. I'll warn you though, they are SERIOUS Disney Worlders (I'm talking 1st ones in line in the am and last ones to go home!) :) hope that was a little helpful

Christa said...

We went to DisneyWorld as a family last Decemeber. We wanted to stay on the property, you get free transportation and you get to participate in the Magical hours (getting in early and staying late at different parks on different days) I have to admit, our trip would've been much different (disaster-like) if we didn't have the PassPorter. I recommend getting it, even if it's for a short trip, it's an amazing tool. It has everything (EVERYTHING) DisneyWorld in it...from prices of the restaurants inside (and what to order!), to the prices of the hotels on property (they have anything from Economy to can stay on property for cheap...real cheap) what the different rides are like, whether or not you need a Fast Pass. We decided to go to DisneyWorld over Disneyland because we really wanted to stay on property for the whole experience and Disneyland was literally thousands of dollars more than flying AND staying at DisneyWorld. The PassPorter is also an amazing planner of your day, we wouldn't have been able to see half of what we did without it. Plus it has ALL phone numbers you would ever need...ever. Good Luck, we can't wait to go back, we had the best time!!
p.s. As for flights, I checked flights everyday and the first day that the tickets were a good deal I bought's about being diligent in checking all the sites you can think of every day.

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