Covered Corkboard

I made this for my craft room

corkboard (with or without a border or frame)
(Can find at walmart for about $5)
fabric (enough to cover your board)
ribbon the matches the fabric, about 3-4yards
upholstry tacks (can get from JoAnn's for about $2,)

Take the corkboard out of the frame if it came in one.(Sometimes you need to pull apart part of the frame)
Iron the fabric before it is put on the board
Lay the fabric on a flat surface, lay the board on top of it.
Take the sides of the fabric pulling tightly on all sides,secure to the board with the tacks. Fold the edges neatly like a present.
Flip over when it is secured to add the ribbon. Take the ribbon ,cut the lengths needed to make a diamond like pattern,making sure the ribbon will go to the back to be secured down.
Once you have it cut wrap it around the board diagonaly to make your pattern,tack it to the back with thumbtacks.
Using tacks lets you be able to change out the fabric and ribbon when you want to.You can also use decorative trim instead of ribbon.
Put the frame back together (use a heavy duty staple gun on the back of frame)
You're Finished!
*Optional- You can also buy a picture frame to put the corkboard in, just make sure the coark board will fit in the frame!

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