Easter Traditions?

I want to know what your Easter traditions are. Please share!

We hide the kids easter baskets in the house. We count down from 10 and then it is a mad dash to find their baskets. If they have a hard time finding them, we play "hot and cold" to help them.

The tradition in my family growing up was finding the precious "Golden Egg". Mom and Dad made the golden egg worth x amount of money. Some years it was worth a lot of money. Blood was almost shed trying to find the golden egg, especially during my poor college and early married years! Many great memories were made!

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Jadi said...

Every year the Easter Bunny hides the eggs our kids colored. After the kids find all of their hidden eggs they follow the clues the Easter Bunny left to find their baskets. We usually find a hill to roll our eggs down. I also make an Easter cake and a nice Easter dinner. Oh and we always have to have an Easter egg candy hunt!

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