Grocery List

When I do my grocery Shopping I like to be organized, if not I impulse buy. I have found ways to make it easier for me to plan. I get out a set of cookbooks and I write out my menu from breakfast to dinner for 2 weeks at a time. I can usually get most items for the two weeks all at once, but occasionally I will need to go to the store the next week for items that won't stay fresh.

I like to get ads to see what items are on sale, and then I end up doing going to various stores. Usually it constists of Sams Club, Walmart, Fred Meyer and Safe Way. I's a lot of trouble going through all this to find a good deal, but it's worth it to me.

I found a free website that helps with the grocery list. It is called Grocery Wiz and you can find it HERE. It also has coupons that you can print out that might apply to what you are buying. I also use a print out similar to THIS to write down my menu.
Happy Grocery Shopping

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