Throw It Out!

I seem to have a problem with hording. For some strage reason I have a hard time throwing things away.But because of technology I am learning to overcome that. I use the scanner to scan my kids art and school papers. I also take a picture of things we throw away that meant something to us. Such as we have been making our kids throw away a LOT of toys. The only way they are o.k. with it, is if I tell them we can take a picture of it to make it last.
I love all the many pictures and drawings my children come home with. I keep a few of their best art pictures in a file box. I have divided the file box into years. I make sure I write the date of their drawing on the back of the picture. Any other drawings or school papers they have worked hard on, I scan and then keep a copy on my external hard drive. Although I think I am going to start uploading my files to a online storage site such as You pay a yearly fee of $50. and you have unlimited storage. I have had more computer crashes then I can count. I scanned pictures that my kids have drawn since they were little, and I lost them all about a year ago. So I am turning to an online storage site to help with that.

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