Thanks for your help!

First of all, I'd like to thank

Tara from It's A Girl Thing!
Cher from Love, Actually
Cassie from Ames Castle
The Wosleys from The Wolsey Family

for helping out with my last task of finding links. You can each choose between a custom blog signature or a custom blog flair.
This time I decided to give ALL of them a prize, but next time when people recommend links, I'll choose only one or two winners (depends on how many respond). So hopefully this will motivate all of you to help me out!! Thanks again!

Custom Blog Flair

*You just email the picture or logo you want

senderikaaletter (at) hotmail (dot) com

Custom Blog Signature

*Pick your favorite font (or I can pick one for you)


*a logo, picture, or you can simply leave it blank

*If you are interested in a custom blog flair or custom blog signature I charge

$3.00 per flair and $6.00 for a custom signature

4 Amazing Friends Said...:

Cher said...

Thank you, Erika! How thoughtful! I will be thinking about what picture I'd like to use and let you know! Thanks again!

Cassie said...

Yeah, how exciting! I will shoot you over an e-mail next week, I am off to California for the rest of the week!

Tara said...

HOLY HANNAH!! I am sooooooo excited!! You ROCK! I knew I liked YOOOOUUU for a reason. Tee, hee., of course this will take some deliberation & thought. *WINK* I am using every last tidbit of strength that I have to plan a party for a friend..PLUS helping with decoratin' for a wedding! What a week! So I will have to get back to ya next week! Thanks again! I am glad those websites helped! I will be linking up to that post...GREAT ideas!

The Wolseys said...

Yea!!! Your awsome! I would love a signiture one but im so computer dumb i dont know what to do! Just tell me what i need to get you!! Yea did i mention your awsome!

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