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If you know of any other Fantastic Family Home Evening Blogs or Websites that you'd like to see added, please email me at senderikaaletter (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks!

Family Home Evening Planner


Family Home Evening In A Snap

The FHE Spot

Pratt's FHE

Pleasant SundaySugarDoodleDeseret Book–Weekly FHE lesson, plus searchable archives

Clipart from the FRIEND magazine–all in one place

Lissa’s FHE for a year–lessons divided by seasons

Family Home Evenings For A Year

FHE Helps & Idea -The Idea door

Safely Gathered In Family Home Evenings

Jenny Smith (now Mormon Share)–great site with clipart, object lessons, and activity ideas

Quick FHE ideas

FHE Resource Book

FHE 4 Children

LDS Splash FHE

Family Home Evening

Family Home Evenings -Bella Online

Family Home Evening -Light Planet

Homemaking Cottage

First Presidency Message about FHE

Games to play as a familyLDS Coloring PagesJoseph Smith FHE lesson ideas

Games to make for FHE–Word searches, bingo, matching games and more

Articles of Faith lessons–ideas and PDF downloads

Books of the Bible–flashcards and bingo (not an LDS site)

Gospel Principles–Study guide for young children, using G.P. manual paired with Primary songs and coordinating FRIEND magazine activities

Old Testament ABC’s–printable quiz cards

Book of Mormon Scavenger Hunt

Latter-day Prophet cards

FHE gamesFamilies In Zion (mostly pay, some free)

Beehive Messages

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The Harris Family said...

Great list. I am always looking for ideas. Thanks. Also I love your site.

{Pink Igloo Designs} said...

Thanks Harris Family!! Glad I can help!

Lee said...

I just found your site and it is fantastic. My favorite thing about it so far is this list. You just made my planning FHE for tonight so Easy. We are doing a lesson on Honesty and you totally made it easy with this list!! Thanks!!


Alisha Whitfield said...

Whoops just realised when I pushed publish that i was signed in under my husbands name. Oh well!! Thanks again!!


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