LF: Fabulous Family Home Evening Blogs or Websites

I would love to provide a place for people to look up links right at their fingertips.(Kind of like tipjunkie does). I'm looking for a lot of help and input out there (hint hint, all you crafty mamas!). I will pick a topic, and if you know of a good place to find a "how to" or tutorial, or AmAzIng ideas please do share! You can email me at senderikaaletter (at) hotmail (dot) com, or leave a message in the comment section. Also... If you want to make a request for something you're looking for, just let me know, and we'll ask!

The first Linky Topic is.."Fabulous Family Home Evening Blogs or Websites". I know there are a ton out there, I'm just on a quest to find them all, (or at least a good amount of them).

For those of you who are not LDS and do not know what Family Home Evening Is, "It
is a special time set aside each week that brings family members together and strengthens their love for each other, helps them draw closer to Heavenly Father, and encourages them to live righteously" No matter your religion, I think It's a fabulous idea to bring families closer together.

So please go now, and help this crazy lady find the links she needs!!! Thanks for your help!

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Tara said...

Hey Girlie!

I just sent an email to a girlfriend of mine who was asking for some LDS blogs....I thought I would cut & paste it here for you. At least ONE of them is LDS related....but you might want some of the others for future topics. I am sure you have seen some of them. Hope this helps. Good Luck! Laters...

This gal creates CUTE gifts/lessons to take to the girlies you visit-teach. You can either buy them for REALLY cheap....OR look at them for ideas to make your own.

Kinda EVERYTHING mormon-related...

http://foodstoragelady.blogspot.com/ (this one is my least fav...but it's still good)

OK...and last are a few blogs that are LDS-related. Either they talk about Homemaking, or FHE, getting prepared for...oh I don't know...the Second Coming, etc. :)

Cher said...

Here's a cute site that I like:


Cassie said...

sugardoodle.net is a good one

The Wolseys said...

My favorites are


and i love love your blog by the way!!

andi@ldscreativitycorner said...

check out my blog: ldscreativitycorner.blogspot.com
Thanks. Love your blog!

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