Giant Bubbles Recipe

Every year my moms side of the family gets together for a family reunion (usually held in Lava Hot Springs, ID). One of the fabulous activities for the children this year was a big tub of bubbles. She said it was a hit! Jadi also has this posted on her craft blog (also a cousin).

1 gallon water
1 c. Dawn dishwashing soap
1/2 c. light corn syrup

Mix ingredients together slowly in a large plastic storage tote.
Dip plastic hangers in the bubble solution to make the bubbles (the hangers are used as wands). We used the small childrens plastic hangers, but we also had a few large adult plastic hangers. This was the perfect amount of solution for my three kiddo's, but when the neighbors saw how much fun we were having we ended up making more. You might as well double the recipe because they're too much fun! (You should have seen me and my husband).

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michellejohnnie said...

corn syrup! really! If that is what makes those bubbles really big, then i will definitely try it with my two kiddos! Thanks

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