Glitter Toes

I *LoVe* Glittery Goodness!

Items Needed:
Clear Top Coat
Colored Base Coat
Wax Paper

If you want to spice up those nails here's what you do

1- Paint a base coat that will coordinate well with the glitter.

2- While the paint is still wet generously sprinkle glitter on each nail and make sure it's totally covered. It's important to have a piece of wax or parchment paper underneath so that the excess glitter can be saved and/or reused. Shake your foot a few times to get any extra glitter off, or
you can also brush off some of the extra glitter with a small paint brush (because you WILL have glitter on the sides of your toes).

3- Paint a clear top coat over the top of the glitter to help seal it and to give it a little extra sparkle.

Additional Tips:
I used the Martha Stewart Gemstone Glitter Set that I bought at Walmart. It had a large variety of glitter to choose from.

Glitter on the outside of your toes is perfectly NORMAL. Just wait until the top coat dries, then wash off the excess.

I added another top coat the next morning just to make sure everything was sealed in.

9 Amazing Friends Said...:

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

You're so fun!!! Those are fab toes!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I was wondering if I could feature it on our blog?

cathie filian said...


emptynest4two said...

LOVE IT! Way better than that Glitter poilsh you buy.

Summer Rae said...

Super cute toes! I am going to try this!

Tess said...

Oh my, I think this would be perfect for my granddaughters first pedicure. She's 10! and loves pink, and loves glitter. Pink glitter toes, oh my. She'd be in heaven.

Dee said...

that is so cool. I have glitter nail polish that i put over colour, but this will give so many other options.
my blue glitter loving teen will love this one as it is almost impossibleto get decent blue nail polish and blue glitter nail polish is unheard of.

Elizabeth @ The Knackatory said...

Hey new follower here, love the blog and love the glitter toes, My daughter will love this too.



I love your blog.. I just stumbled upon it and cant leave!! Hope to see more of your cute lil posts! Oh.. and I hope you dont mind.. I am a follower!

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