DIY Initial Frame

11" x 14" frame
(bought from Walmart for about $3.00)
Bead Board
(bought a LARGE piece from Home Depot, I think it was about $12-14, I can't remember, but this can make TONS)
Initial Letter
(Bought at Roberts Crafts while I was in Utah for about $5)
Ivory Spray Paint
(bought at Home Depot $3)
Old English Scratch Cover For Dark Wood
(bought at walmart by the dusting/cleaning supplies. I think it was about $5)
(one that you won't care if it gets stained)
Sand Paper
Clear Matte Spray Paint (Optional)

(Most of the stuff we already had on hand, I'm just giving you the price when we bought it)

1- Take out the picture frame glass (find another crafty use for your glass).
2- Trace the piece of glass with a pencil on the back side of the Bead Board.
3- Cut out the bead board with a saw (we used our Miter Saw).
4- Spray paint your bead board with the ivory spray paint (or what ever color you want).
5- While you're waiting fort the spray paint to dry, lightly (or Heavily) distress the outside of the picture frame with your sandpaper.
6- Once the bead board is dry, add a few drops of the Old English liquid on a rag. Spread the stain in between the lines of the bead board. Smudge or lightly wipe the stain according to your taste.
7- You can spray a can of matte sealer to seal in the stain on the bead board if you'd like
8- Glue (gorilla glue, wood glue), nail, or staple gun the Initial to the Bead Board.
(I used a variety of glues to hold it together, gorilla, hot glue, and wood glue, just to make sure it would stay)
9- Place the Bead Board inside the picture frame. Fold down the hardware on the back of the frame to hold into place.
10- Sit back and enjoy your new masterpiece!

* For a different look, you can also Mod Podge fabric or scrap booking paper to the letter before gluing

4 Amazing Friends Said...:

Julie said...

i will soooo be doing this!! thanks for another great idea!!

michellejohnnie said...

anything with beadboard makes my heart happy!!!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Is that G for meeeee?!?! :) I love it!!!! I need to go G shopping! What a cute craft!

Mod Podge Amy said...

Found your very cute blog. Love the ideas you have here! Cheers -

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