Sunday Snack Bar

(if all else fails, it makes a really cool airplane)

Buy a craft container from walmart/joanns, etc ($1-3). You can also buy small plastic fishing tackle boxes from your local hardware store.
Fill each empty space with small finger foods for your child (age appropriate of course)

-Chocolate Chips
-Little Fishy Crackers
-Mini Marshmallows
-Fruit Snacks
-All kinds of cereal (cheerios, kix, lucky charms,)
-Small Crackers

*This really helps my two year old quiet down in church. He loves the variety of snacks to choose from. Life saver...seriously!

*My container is actually "Child proof" so he can't get into it all by himself. It's also nice because it won't spill in his diaper bag. You just need to push in the button on the side while opening the container.

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SO stealing this idea! I have the hardest time doing snacks for my kids in church because they always end up everywhere. Thanks for the great idea!

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