The Color Hex a Digi Scrap Freebie

Download my button pack freebie that was inspired by the photo below. See how much fun you can have with the color hex code? Learn more about the color hex code below!

What is a Color Hex Code you ask? The definition is:
"Web colors are colors used in designing web pages, and the methods for describing and specifying those colors"

You can use a hex code in digital scrapbooking, blogging, web design, etc.

Some of my favorite color generators are: (Click to link)
Color Suckr (Example Used Above)
Color Scheme Designer
Big Huge Labs
Colour Lovers
NattyWare Pixie

For example...pretend you like a specific color of shirt your daughter is wearing in a picture and you want that exact color used as your blogger font. Use one of the color generators to get the hex code. Then plug in the numbers.
To edit the color your fonts go to:
Customize.....Layout....Fonts/Colors....then plug in your new customized Hex #'s (see example below)
You can also use your Eye Dropper tool in PSE and click on the part of the picture that you'd like to get the hex code from. Then Click on the lower lefthand corner where the foreground color is. The this color box below will appear and you can copy the hex code from there.

Have fun and get creative!!!

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