Sunday Badge Album Quiet Books

(This would make a great Ward Super Saturday Item to make)

*2.55" x 3.35" Horizontal Badge ID Holders
( Found at Walmart in the office supply section for about $2-$3)

*2 Ring Clips

*3" x 4" prints
*These can be found at any Seagull Book Location

"I am A Child Of God" Packet can be found HERE ($3.16)
"Images Of The Savior" packet can be found HERE ($4.69)

*Coordinating Ribbon

*This is similar to what your image packet will look like. Simply cut images down to size to fit into the 2.55 x 3.35 badge holder. Because these have great quotes on the other side, I made sure to center the quotes when cutting.

*I also included a custom name picture on the front of my badge album. I just opened up a picture in Photoshop and placed my text on top, printed to size, then placed in the front cover.
Add all pictures to the holders. Once this is finished place the rings in pre-punched hole area.

*Tie your favorite ribbon around the rings.


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2 Amazing Friends Said...:

Letti said...

This is beautiful and I love these sorts of things for quiet time or sacrament. Thanks for the great idea.

Hall Family Highlights said...

I love this! I am making this for my kids for Christmas to go in their stockings! Thanks for the great idea!

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