Lil' Buck-A-Roo Bib

1 Washcloth
1 bandana ANY color (they have some FUN colors now days!)
*Pre-wash & Iron Bandana a head of time*

1- Cut your bandana in half (diagonally) to make two triangles.
2- Roll hem the cut edge.
3-Lay out your wash cloth.
4-Center the bandana point side down on the washcloth.
5-Sew the triangle area where it overlaps.

Simply tie the bib around the babies (or toddler) neck.
My mom and dad bought a bib similar to this for our oldest son. We absolutely LOVED it! It makes a wonderful baby gift... especially with all the fun bandana prints and colors out there! can make 2 bibs out of 1 bandana. Wahoo!

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