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First of all, I'd like to thank

Tara from It's A Girl Thing!
Cher from Love, Actually
Cassie from Ames Castle
The Wosleys from The Wolsey Family

for helping out with my last task of finding links. You can each choose between a custom blog signature or a custom blog flair.
This time I decided to give ALL of them a prize, but next time when people recommend links, I'll choose only one or two winners (depends on how many respond). So hopefully this will motivate all of you to help me out!! Thanks again!

Custom Blog Flair

*You just email the picture or logo you want

senderikaaletter (at) hotmail (dot) com

Custom Blog Signature

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*a logo, picture, or you can simply leave it blank

*If you are interested in a custom blog flair or custom blog signature I charge

$3.00 per flair and $6.00 for a custom signature

Family Home Evening Links

If you know of any other Fantastic Family Home Evening Blogs or Websites that you'd like to see added, please email me at senderikaaletter (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks!

Family Home Evening Planner


Family Home Evening In A Snap

The FHE Spot

Pratt's FHE

Pleasant SundaySugarDoodleDeseret Book–Weekly FHE lesson, plus searchable archives

Clipart from the FRIEND magazine–all in one place

Lissa’s FHE for a year–lessons divided by seasons

Family Home Evenings For A Year

FHE Helps & Idea -The Idea door

Safely Gathered In Family Home Evenings

Jenny Smith (now Mormon Share)–great site with clipart, object lessons, and activity ideas

Quick FHE ideas

FHE Resource Book

FHE 4 Children

LDS Splash FHE

Family Home Evening

Family Home Evenings -Bella Online

Family Home Evening -Light Planet

Homemaking Cottage

First Presidency Message about FHE

Games to play as a familyLDS Coloring PagesJoseph Smith FHE lesson ideas

Games to make for FHE–Word searches, bingo, matching games and more

Articles of Faith lessons–ideas and PDF downloads

Books of the Bible–flashcards and bingo (not an LDS site)

Gospel Principles–Study guide for young children, using G.P. manual paired with Primary songs and coordinating FRIEND magazine activities

Old Testament ABC’s–printable quiz cards

Book of Mormon Scavenger Hunt

Latter-day Prophet cards

FHE gamesFamilies In Zion (mostly pay, some free)

Beehive Messages

LF: Fabulous Family Home Evening Blogs or Websites

I would love to provide a place for people to look up links right at their fingertips.(Kind of like tipjunkie does). I'm looking for a lot of help and input out there (hint hint, all you crafty mamas!). I will pick a topic, and if you know of a good place to find a "how to" or tutorial, or AmAzIng ideas please do share! You can email me at senderikaaletter (at) hotmail (dot) com, or leave a message in the comment section. Also... If you want to make a request for something you're looking for, just let me know, and we'll ask!

The first Linky Topic is.."Fabulous Family Home Evening Blogs or Websites". I know there are a ton out there, I'm just on a quest to find them all, (or at least a good amount of them).

For those of you who are not LDS and do not know what Family Home Evening Is, "It
is a special time set aside each week that brings family members together and strengthens their love for each other, helps them draw closer to Heavenly Father, and encourages them to live righteously" No matter your religion, I think It's a fabulous idea to bring families closer together.

So please go now, and help this crazy lady find the links she needs!!! Thanks for your help!

Scrap Your Banners...Another New Business Of Mine

2' X 6' Custom commercial Grade 19oz PVC Vinyl Banner with 1440dpi Full Color Printing
Do you know someone who needs a custom banner?
If so, send them my way!

Military Welcome Home Banners
Missionary Welcome Home Banners
Baby Welcome Home Banners
Family Reunion Banners
Trade Show Banners
Office Banners
Business Banners
Graduation Banners
School banners

(Click on picture to see enlarged view of banner)

As a digital designer I custom design all of our banners to our customers satisfaction. Feel free to include multiple photo's, or business logos in the design. I will email the customer a proof of the completed design. Once the design is approved and if the design meets your expectations, you can expect your custom banner with in about two weeks.

$69.95 (Includes Custom Design)
Shipping $8.50
(If in the north pole or fairbanks area and you'd like to save on shipping feel free to pick it up)
or email me at offthewallcreations (at)

Banner Features:

1) Customized single side PVC banner made in accordance with the artwork from clients.
2) Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
3) Full colors printing.
4) Anti-UV, weather resistant.
5) Printed on commercial 19oz PVC vinyl material.
6) If no specific requirement, the banner is commonly hemmed & grommetted on all 4 corners and about every feet. Could be customized with grommets, & ropes.
7) The color-fastness and ink-absorption is near perfect.

Waterproof / age-resistance / elaborate printing / dynamic color / dimensional texture / tensile strength / artistic effect/