Creative Ways To Give Money

When we were little my mom and dad found creative ways to give us money on birthdays, holidays, and upcoming vacations. One of my most memorable ways was "The Money Tree".

Mom would find a plant or a broken bare tree branch with lots of branches and tie money around the base. See how cute?

I was desperate to find a last minute present for one of Hunter's friends and I also decided to do the money tree. I went to the bank and got several crisp one dollar bills. I rolled the dollar bills, and tied each dollar to each branch on the tree with thin ribbon. I put the branch in a terra cotta base, and poured dirt in it. I scattered a whole bunch of change all throughout the dirt. Because I own my own vinyl lettering plotter, I added a personal touch by adding his name to the pot. I have to admit, it looked really cute! Hunter said it was a big hit at the party. I wish I would have taken a picture of it!

Instructions for the Dollar Gift Box

Instructions for the Dollar Shirt

Instructions for the Dollar Ring

Click HERE for many more money origami ideas!


Fold bills in half and roll tightly into miniature roses.
Secure the roses with a craft wire or florist tape adding a silk stem and leaves as you wrap.
Put the dollar roses in a fancy tissue lined box or beautiful vase with real baby's breath and floral filler for a very romantic way to give money!


Cut several 10 inch ribbons and tie several dollar bills in the middle to make a bow tie.
Next, Tie the ribbon strands to the open spokes of the umbrella.
While holding the umbrella partway open, push all of the ribbons and money into the umbrella and close it up so they can't be seen. Imagine the surprise when the umbrella opens.


Cut a small tree branch with lots of smaller branches coming off the main one.
Mix plaster of paris with water for a stiff consistency and add it to a flower pot or other container. If you are using a terracotta pot make sure you cover the bottom drainage hole with plastic wrap or tape before filing it with the plaster.
Next, insert the tree branch and let it harden overnight. Using hot glue add Spanish moss to cover the top of the plaster. You can also hot glue silk plant leaves to the branches for a realistic effect.
Last, tie money bills to the tree branches for a unusual gift.

I found THIS site online, that sells cute, creative little trees. You could be creative and add money to one of these trees. They even sale money hooks to add the money to the trees.

O.k, I think I just found my new craft project. I will write a tutorial about how to make a wire money tree. Stay posted!

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