Perfect Mothers Day Post

My friend Angeline from kenai is one of those "perfect" moms. Her house is ALWAYS tidy, her kids are always well dressed, punctual, supports her kids in this and that, she's a wonderful cook, crafty, smart, and the list could go on and on.
One time I went to her house and saw these pictures. I thought "What a fun idea", I really wished I would have thought about it. So for you moms, or moms to be, here is a nifty idea for when you have a baby!

Angeline said: "In Both sets of these pictures I was within 7 days of delivering, and some right up to the day of delivery, I either was going into the hospital the next day for induction or just waited long enough past my due date before I took them."

As for the same dress collage,Matt took my first pregnancy pictures at 3,6, and 9 months in that dress, the next pregnancy I happen to take a picture of that dress a week before delivering and I thought, hey I have a shot just like this for Lochlan, so I consciously took the other 3 kids pictures in my 9th month. I used a basic scrap booking program for that and than framed it, as you can see by the pictures the dress is shrinking in size but I have to hold onto it for one more pregnancy...our hope"

"The painted belly shots is a fun family activity, the kids and Matt are the one who do it for me every pregnancy and we turn it into a family night, each picture correlates to a theme for the month they were born.. We still don't have the right paint down, the last two we used acrylics which stuck really good and washed off super easy, but my skin was very sensitive to them. I don't remember what we used on the first paintings.
If your painting your belly, do not do it while sitting down, that is what happened with the beach ball one, your stomach goes slack and when you stand up it's not very circular, so I either stand while they paint it or kneel down with my back against the couch for support, depending on how quick your little painters are it can get pretty uncomfortable, and don't forget to lay a sheet down for paint drips, we learned that after #1."

What a fun idea! I love to see the different ways she carried her babies, and I love seeing the different hairstyles!

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