Post A Signature On Your Blog

Do you know how to post your signature in a Blog? I searched the net and found a few helps.

One help I found was on My Live Signature follow the instructions. can make something similar to mine. I opened a new template in Photoshop Elements and I made the new template 1 inch by 3 inches , however if I were you...I would do it a little smaller. Anyway...then I opened up and pasted my scrapbooking paper on the template. I added my signature (just by picking my favorite font). save your image as a jpg. Next, upload your signature/picture to photobucket. Copy the HTML code. The Open your Dashboard/ Settings/ Formatting/ Post Template in your blogging account. Put this code in the Post Template box. Make sure when you write your next post, that you write ABOVE the code, or else it will show the signature first. Let me know if you have any questions!


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