Decoupage Projects

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I too have done the decoupaged letters (for Addison's room). It was a fun project. You can buy the letters at Michaels, Jo-Anns, Or my personal favorite Roberts Crafts (In Idaho & Utah). I turned the letter facing down on my scrapbooking paper (which is flipped to the wrong side...does this make sense?) and I traced the letters onto the paper. I then cut them our using scissors and an exacto knife. Then I added a thin layer of Mod Podge on the letter. Then I added my scrapbooking paper. Let it dry. Then add another layer of mod podge to the scrapbooking paper (you are making a do you spell that anyway?). Let Dry. You can decide if you want to add more layers of mod podge or not. Add any embellishments including ribbon, buttons, Etc. I also like the worn look, so I edged the wooden letter with our sanding belt (I'm sure you could just use sandpaper). I love that you can personalize and match the colors to the theme of the room. This is a cute easy project!

Decoupage Silhouettes
(I'll have to try this one...too cute!)

Decoupage Canvas
I have done a few covered canvases before also, however Kristins are a lot cuter then mine!
I made one in Briggs room. He had a Polo Bear Theme. I cut out one of the little bears from a extra pair of sheets that had a polo bear on it, and I Mod Podged it to the covered canvas. It turned out REALLY cute. I wish my camera was working so I could take some pictures to show you!

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