Sunday Badge Album Quiet Books

(This would make a great Ward Super Saturday Item to make)

*2.55" x 3.35" Horizontal Badge ID Holders
( Found at Walmart in the office supply section for about $2-$3)

*2 Ring Clips

*3" x 4" prints
*These can be found at any Seagull Book Location

"I am A Child Of God" Packet can be found HERE ($3.16)
"Images Of The Savior" packet can be found HERE ($4.69)

*Coordinating Ribbon

*This is similar to what your image packet will look like. Simply cut images down to size to fit into the 2.55 x 3.35 badge holder. Because these have great quotes on the other side, I made sure to center the quotes when cutting.

*I also included a custom name picture on the front of my badge album. I just opened up a picture in Photoshop and placed my text on top, printed to size, then placed in the front cover.
Add all pictures to the holders. Once this is finished place the rings in pre-punched hole area.

*Tie your favorite ribbon around the rings.


*Please always remember to give credit where credit is due. Please link back to this original post if your are posting on your own blog. Thanks!

Sunday Snack Bar

(if all else fails, it makes a really cool airplane)

Buy a craft container from walmart/joanns, etc ($1-3). You can also buy small plastic fishing tackle boxes from your local hardware store.
Fill each empty space with small finger foods for your child (age appropriate of course)

-Chocolate Chips
-Little Fishy Crackers
-Mini Marshmallows
-Fruit Snacks
-All kinds of cereal (cheerios, kix, lucky charms,)
-Small Crackers

*This really helps my two year old quiet down in church. He loves the variety of snacks to choose from. Life saver...seriously!

*My container is actually "Child proof" so he can't get into it all by himself. It's also nice because it won't spill in his diaper bag. You just need to push in the button on the side while opening the container.

Make A Placemat Apron

Got 10 minutes? Need to start making a zillion children/neighbor/niece/grandchildren gifts? Look no further!

My daughter and I enjoyed this simple "Placemat Apron" tutorial from somewhat simple.
We finished the whole project in just under 10 minutes.
What a good way to free cycle those old things!

Nutter Butter Ghosts

Version #1

12 ounces of white candy coating, white chocolate or vanilla bark

1 package of nutter butter peanut butter cookies

1 small package of mini chocolate chips or mini m & m's

Make sure you are prepared and have everything on hand!

  1. Set out either a sheet of waxed paper or cooking parchment paper on the table.

  2. Melt the bark according to the instructions on the package.

  3. Dip the nutter butter cookies into the melted bark until the cookies are completely white.

  4. Lay the dipped cookie on the paper.

  5. Get two mini choco. chips or mini m&m's and place them as eyes.

  6. Let the candy covered cookies harden.

  7. Remove from paper and put into a bowl or arrange on a plate. Cover tightly until ready to serve.

Version #2
(this is what I used)

1 pkg. Nutter Butter peanut butter cookies

white chocolate or white chocolate almond bark

Pre-made Frosting (store bought or homemade)

mini chocolate chips


Heat white chocolate/almond bark in a double broiler until it's melted. Pour melted white chocolate into the frosting and whip on high until well blended. Frost the nutter butter with the white chocolate frosting mixture. Add chocolate chips for the eyes. Enjoy!

Make your OWN story board

Start out by picking your favorite frame. Or...maybe you have a REALLY sweet husband like mine who will MAKE a customized one for you! I knew what size I wanted so I gave my hubby the dimensions, and he went right to work.

Measure the inside dimensions of the frame where the picture will lay.

Using your favorite photo editing program (PSE, Photoshop, Gimp Etc.) you'll begin to make your own story board. Or, you can go to the Coffee Tea Photography blog and download one of her MANY free storyboard templates & Actions HERE. If you'd like to make your own custom storyboard you can read a great tutorial HERE on how to make your own clipping mask. I opened up a new file and set my dimensions to match the inside of my frame which was 8" x 20". Then I made my own clipping masks, and added my pictures to the masks. Add the perfect personalized touch by including a favorite quote or family motto.

We have a local Sams club that prints large prints in under an hour. I noticed they had a
16" x 20" poster size for under $6. So I reopened my print I did in Photoshop and instead of a
8" x 20" I made two prints to fit a 16" x 20". (see picture below)
This is what the print looked like when I got it back from Sams.

Then I cut it into two prints. One for me, and one for the hubby's office! Next we cut the glass to fit the frame. Then added my pict, and backing of the frame. Ready to go!

Just showing another example of what you can do. Get inspired by other storyboard layouts by googling them. There are some really cute ideas out there!

Lil' Buck-A-Roo Bib

1 Washcloth
1 bandana ANY color (they have some FUN colors now days!)
*Pre-wash & Iron Bandana a head of time*

1- Cut your bandana in half (diagonally) to make two triangles.
2- Roll hem the cut edge.
3-Lay out your wash cloth.
4-Center the bandana point side down on the washcloth.
5-Sew the triangle area where it overlaps.

Simply tie the bib around the babies (or toddler) neck.
My mom and dad bought a bib similar to this for our oldest son. We absolutely LOVED it! It makes a wonderful baby gift... especially with all the fun bandana prints and colors out there! can make 2 bibs out of 1 bandana. Wahoo!

My Circular Quilt Attempt

The backside

You can find the tutorial HERE

The best part is that it has NO BATTING and it is made from recycled jeans. The Back side just finishes itself. Maybe one day when I have the time, I'll attempt to write my own tutorial.

EASY Frilly Baby Legs Tutorial

Buy a long pair of socks or knee-highs
(I bought these Halloween socks at Joanns for $2.99)

Cut off the foot

Sew a tight zig zag stitch agaist the edge of the sock. Stretch your sock as you sew, to make sure your stitches stay close together.

They will automatically ruffle! Easy Peasy!

How about some nice arm warmers too?

Special Thanks to CALLY CRUZE
for her baby legs tutorial inspiration!

Halloween Blog Hop



If you'd like to participate please copy your Halloween (Craft, Recipe, Decor, or idea) post link, a title (include your name if you want), and a brief description of what you're linking to.

I've seen so many fun Halloween crafts buzzing around the crafting community. There is a plethora of amazing crafty people out there, I just can't seem to keep track of all the fun things I want to do. So hopefully you can add YOUR favorite (or one you've seen)Halloween craft to my Mcklinky. If not, enjoy blog hopping around. I hope you'll feel just as inspired as I have!!!

Mcklinky will end up being down at the bottom of every post for the month of September.

MckLinky Blog Hop

The Color Hex a Digi Scrap Freebie

Download my button pack freebie that was inspired by the photo below. See how much fun you can have with the color hex code? Learn more about the color hex code below!

What is a Color Hex Code you ask? The definition is:
"Web colors are colors used in designing web pages, and the methods for describing and specifying those colors"

You can use a hex code in digital scrapbooking, blogging, web design, etc.

Some of my favorite color generators are: (Click to link)
Color Suckr (Example Used Above)
Color Scheme Designer
Big Huge Labs
Colour Lovers
NattyWare Pixie

For example...pretend you like a specific color of shirt your daughter is wearing in a picture and you want that exact color used as your blogger font. Use one of the color generators to get the hex code. Then plug in the numbers.
To edit the color your fonts go to:
Customize.....Layout....Fonts/Colors....then plug in your new customized Hex #'s (see example below)
You can also use your Eye Dropper tool in PSE and click on the part of the picture that you'd like to get the hex code from. Then Click on the lower lefthand corner where the foreground color is. The this color box below will appear and you can copy the hex code from there.

Have fun and get creative!!!

DIY Initial Frame

11" x 14" frame
(bought from Walmart for about $3.00)
Bead Board
(bought a LARGE piece from Home Depot, I think it was about $12-14, I can't remember, but this can make TONS)
Initial Letter
(Bought at Roberts Crafts while I was in Utah for about $5)
Ivory Spray Paint
(bought at Home Depot $3)
Old English Scratch Cover For Dark Wood
(bought at walmart by the dusting/cleaning supplies. I think it was about $5)
(one that you won't care if it gets stained)
Sand Paper
Clear Matte Spray Paint (Optional)

(Most of the stuff we already had on hand, I'm just giving you the price when we bought it)

1- Take out the picture frame glass (find another crafty use for your glass).
2- Trace the piece of glass with a pencil on the back side of the Bead Board.
3- Cut out the bead board with a saw (we used our Miter Saw).
4- Spray paint your bead board with the ivory spray paint (or what ever color you want).
5- While you're waiting fort the spray paint to dry, lightly (or Heavily) distress the outside of the picture frame with your sandpaper.
6- Once the bead board is dry, add a few drops of the Old English liquid on a rag. Spread the stain in between the lines of the bead board. Smudge or lightly wipe the stain according to your taste.
7- You can spray a can of matte sealer to seal in the stain on the bead board if you'd like
8- Glue (gorilla glue, wood glue), nail, or staple gun the Initial to the Bead Board.
(I used a variety of glues to hold it together, gorilla, hot glue, and wood glue, just to make sure it would stay)
9- Place the Bead Board inside the picture frame. Fold down the hardware on the back of the frame to hold into place.
10- Sit back and enjoy your new masterpiece!

* For a different look, you can also Mod Podge fabric or scrap booking paper to the letter before gluing